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Birth Doula Support

I love getting to know clients in preparation for birth; being a grounding and continuous presence during birth; and bringing a full doula toolkit along with me, such as: 

  • a variety of comfort measures,

  • massage and counterpressure,

  • hydrotherapy,

  • visualization,

  • breathing and relaxation techniques,

  • positioning,

  • and more. 

Your goals are my priorities. Whether you imagine a quiet and spa-like environment, blasting music, birthing in a certain position, having an unmedicated birth, getting an epidural, or anything in between, I want to facilitate an environment that makes you feel safe and secure. 


For parents taking a HypnoBirthing® course: I am also trained in supporting HypnoBirthing techniques as a doula and am very comfortable using HypnoBirthing vocabulary, facilitating a calm environment, and focusing on the instinctive aspects of birth.


Apologies, I am not accepting doula clients at this time.


"My goal for this pregnancy and birth was to go as long as I could unmedicated. I don't think I would have been able to accomplish that goal and go fully unmedicated without Virginia's guidance and support. Her calming demeanor and ease during an intense time helped my husband and I immensely in bringing our second baby into this world. I am so appreciative of her support."

-Birth Parent, October 2022

Virginia is everything I needed during pregnancy. She is an empathetic, caring, knowledgeable, and committed person - all of the things you look for in a doula. She spent time with me in advance of labor to learn my preferences and what I envisioned a successful pregnancy would include. Then she made it happen! She was an advocate with hospital staff and a source of tremendous physical support by utilizing a variety of methods to make me as comfortable as possible. As a queer Native couple, we wanted a doula who was understanding, inclusive, and open to working with our needs and cultures. She went the distance to make sure we were seen, heard, and prioritized through the whole process. We love Virginia! And count her as one of our biggest blessings in life!

-Birth Parent, May 2022


HypnoBirthing® teaches deep relaxation through self-hypnosis, breathing techniques, and visualization to help you achieve a peaceful, gentle, and comfortable birthing experience.

Over five sessions, this course offers a full birth education designed to remove fears associated with birth, prepare you and your partner to work together for a positive and peaceful experience, and teach you techniques that utilize your body's built-in pain management system. 

Course design:

  • 5 session series, each session lasts 2.5 hours

  • Birthing person and their partner included

  • Materials provided: 

    • The HypnoBirthing® Book by Marie Mongan

    • Self-hypnosis recordings

    • Class workbook: relaxation scripts, birth preference worksheets, and more

Just learning about HypnoBirthing? You can read more about the course here. I'd love to be a resource for you with any questions or considerations about taking a HypnoBirthing course.  



Apologies, I do not have any course offerings at this time. 

"As a second time mom, I had a good idea of the environment I wanted for my birth. The HypnoBirthing course with Virginia provided me the tools to make my desire become a reality. I definitely recommend this course for a happier birth experience."

HypnoBirthing® Second-Time Birthing Parent

"This course helped my husband and me feel empowered to have a natural and calm birth in a hospital that we only thought possible at home."

HypnoBirthing® First-Time Birthing Person

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